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Rachel Bilson has been spotted with her current boyfriend Hayden Christensen enjoying their time in Barbados beach recently. In one of her interviews Rachel Bilson stated that pyjamas are her favorite clothing, however when photos reached the public from the sunny Barbados where she was together with her boyfriend, talks started that she looks much better in bikinis. The actress showed her trained body in a two piece bikini while having fun on the beach together with Hayden Christensen who is the newest Rachel Bilson boyfriend. While Rachel Bilson was sporting her black bikini, her boyfriend was enjoying the sun and the ocean wearing blue beach shorts.

And the current Rachel Bilson boyfriend is – Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson met Hayden Christensen when they were both filming in the movie called “Jumper” in 2007. One year later, Rachel Bilson boyfriend proposed to the actress. However, the marriage never happened because the couple broke up in 2010. Nevertheless, they are back together again and seem to be enjoying each other’s companies and maybe will get engaged again soon.

Before the couple was spotted enjoying the warm weather and the ocean, they arrived to Barbados both dressed in a casual style. In addition, after having fun in the ocean both Rachel Bilson and her boyfriend were drying themselves off with matching blue towels.
While having fun in the ocean, the couple was spotted talking to each other quite a lot and discussing some private matters. After their relaxing afternoon on the beach, Rachel Bilson boyfriend took his love by the hand and took a stroll.

Rachel Bilson has stated that one of her favorite things besides having fun in the sun is staying at home and having a lazy day while wearing her favorite pyjama set. One of her favorites is a Miss Piggy pyjama set which was recently given to her from her mother. However, when she is not in her pyjamas, Rachel Bilson prefers to wear simple casual clothes rather than following the fashion and dressing posh. In addition to dressing casually, Rachel Bilson likes to accessorize her clothing items. The actress stated that if she goes out wearing a white T-Shirt and jeans, she will match it with bracelets, hat, accessorized shoes or bags.

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