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Dita Von Teese is known as a burlesque dancer, model, actress and fashion designer. Dita Von Teese was involved into popularizing burlesque dancing in the entertainment industry. However, she is also known not because of her career but also because of her relationships. S

And the current Dita Von Teese boyfriend is – Marilyn Manson

he is mostly known as a girlfriend of a famous musician Marilyn Manson, who was not only Dita Von Teese boyfriend but also her husband. The couple was together from 2001 till 2007. One of the most interesting facts is that Marilyn Manson was huge fan of Dita Von Teese before even becoming Dita Von Teese boyfriend. In 2001 the couple was introduced to each other. During Marilyn Manson’s 32nd birthday it was confirmed that he was in a relationship with the star. Moreover, during his birthday, Dita Von Teese appeared with a bottle of absinthe and sparked a lot of debates for her behavior during the party.
Three years later, they got engaged and in 2005 they married in a private wedding ceremony which was attended by their families and closest friends. Moroever, few days later, they arranged a wedding ceremony in Ireland which was attended by 60 people.
However, in 2006 the reports were announced that the dancer left Marilyn Manson’s house on the Christmas Eve without anything in her hands. Thus, it was no surprise that in January, close to his birthday, Dita Von Teese expressed to Marilyn Manson that she wanted to divorce. The reasons for that, as Dita Von Teese claimed later, were because Dita Von Teese boyfriend and husband Marilyn Manson liked to party too much and was starting a relationship with another woman.
The next Dita Von Teese boyfriend was rumored to be Louis Marie de Castelbajac. They were in a relationship since 2009. Louis Marie de Castelbajac is known to be from an aristocratic family of France. In addition, the first time the couple was seen together was in Coachella music festival where they were strolling holding each other’s hands and kissing in front of the public.
However, the current Dita Von Teese boyfriend is said to be Theo Hutchcraft who is known as a member of the group called “Hurts”.

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