Drew Barrymore boyfriend

It has been known that Will Kopelman is not only Drew Barrymore boyfriend but also her husband. The couple has recently been seen in the airport together with Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive who right now is eight months old. One of the main things which attracted the public’s attention was that Drew Barrymore was not wearing any make-up. Drew Barrymore was hidden her face under red sun glasses which covered her make-up free face.

And the current Drew Barrymore boyfriend is – Will Kopelman

It has been known that they have been spending time together and having a lovely family holiday. Drew Barrymore was dressed in a white t-shirt, army green jacket, slim jeans and black flat shoes. Drew Barrymore boyfriend and husband Will Kopelman was carrying her baby daughter in her carrier which was covered under a pink blanket in order to keep Olive safe from paparazzi and public’s eyes.

Also, Will Kopelman is known not only as her husband but also as a son of Arie Kopelman whos was a CEO of Chanel. In addition, there have been some official statements made that Drew Barrymore is planning to convert to Judaism which is the religion of Drew Barrymore boyfriend and husband Will Kopelman. Thus, it implies that her daughter also will be raised according to Judaism rules and morals. Also, Drew Barrymore has stated that raising Olive according to Judaism morals will help her to get used to rigid structure which Drew Barrymore lacked when she was growing up.

It has been known that when Drew Barrymore was only thirteen years old, she spent her time in rehab. Drew Barrymore confessed that although she had a really exposed childhood, she does not regret any of it. It is known that she started acting at a very young age and became an international star when only at five years old she appeared in a movie called “The E.T. Extra Terrestrial”. However, the star admitted that she does not her child to have such an exposed childhood and do not want her to get such kind of parenting. Although Drew Barrymore has been known to the public at a very early age, she does not want her child to experience that.

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