Kaley Cuoco boyfriend

And the current Kaley Cuoco boyfriend is – Bret Bollinger

For quite a long time Kaley Cuoco boyfriend has been stated to be Bret Bollinger. Also, there were some rumors that Kaley Cuoco who is known as an actress from “Big Bang Theory” broke her engagement with Josh Reznik whom she dated for quite some time because she fell in love with Bret Bollinger.
The new couple was spotted together at the Lakers game and they were not shy to show affections to each other despite the fact that there were a lot of people watching them. Thus, it is obvious that the actress and Kaley Cuoco boyfriend Bret Bollinger did not try to hide the fact that they were so much in love. At the game Kaley Cuoco with her boyfriend were sitting in the front row and were noticed hugging and kissing all the time. Kaley Cuoco seemed very happy and acted as she really cared about the game. At one time she was spotted standing up with her hands in the air yelling something because of the well played game.
However, it is not known for how long the couple has been dating before it came out to public and no official statements have been made about the fact that Bret Bollinger was the one why Kaley Cuoco decided to terminate her engagement with Josh Reznik. Nevertheless, Kaley Cuoco seemed to be very happy to be accompanied by her new boyfriend. Thus, instead of moping around, Kaley Cuoco enjoys the companionship of Bret Bollinger who seems to make her happy everywhere they go and in everything they do.
It also has been rumored that the new Kaley Cuoco boyfriend together with the actress are spending quite a lot of time together at night clubs where they flirt and chat to each other and are not afraid of public eyes and paparazzi. The couple was noticed in one night club in Beverly Hills where they spent the night in VIP zone giggling, laughing and kissing. They even were spotted doing a photo shoot in the club where they made funny faces. Thus, it seems that around the new Kaley Cuoco boyfriend the actress can be herself and have a lot of fun.

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