Christina Hendricks boyfriend

And the current Christina Hendricks boyfriend is – Geoffrey Arend

Christina Hendricks is known as one of the most sought after actresses after she started appearing in the TV show called “Mad Men” where she portrays the character of Joan. Although she is one of the most desirable actresses in the entertainment industry, her heart belongs to Geoffrey Arend who is known not only as Christina Hendricks boyfriend but also her husband.
In one of her interviews Christina Hendricks stated that when she first met Geoffrey Arend, she surprised him by her honesty and direct saying that she wanted babies. Therefore, in the beginning of their relationship Christina Hendricks boyfriend was freaked out about her honest and direct nature.
Geoffrey Arend is mostly remembered to the public as an actor from the movie called “500 Days of Summer”. When Christina Hendricks realized that she finally met the man of her life, she honestly admitted to him that she wanted to have babies with him. Christina Hendricks met Geoffrey Arend on the set of the “Mad Men” when they were introduced to each other by the co-star of Christina Hendricks named Vincent Kartheiser in 2007.
The actress claimed that when he came into the set, she immediately noticed him and asked who this guy was. Moreover, she was drawn to him because of his energy. Chrisitna Hendricks confessed that from the first sight she saw that he was very charming and funny. In addition, the same night she got his number and they claimed to each other that they exchanged numbers so that they could become very good friends.
The actress also confessed that in the same night when she got back home she typed his name into Google to find more information about him. In the beginning the couple was seeing each other together with their mutual friends while finally they went on a date and Christina Hendricks was the first one who said ‘I love you’.
Christina Hendricks stated that from the first sight she fell that she was attracted to him a lot. Therefore, after few dates in public the rumors started that Geoffrey Arend was the newest Christina Hendricks boyfriend.

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