Janet Jackson boyfriend

It has been known for quite a while that Janet Jackson boyfriend is Wissam Al Mana. Moreover, he is not only her boyfriend, he is her husband as well. The couple has recently got married. The singer seems to be more than happy to be together with her billionaire boyfriend. What is even more, the couple got married secretly, so a lot of people have not even realized that they are the newly weds before they made an official statement. Moreover, for quite a lot of time Janet Jackson has been denying the fact that they got married, however sooner or later the truth always comes out.

And the current Janet Jackson boyfriend is – Wissam Al Mana

The couple got married in December of 2012. However, at that time both Janet Jackson and Janet Jackson boyfriend and now husband Wissam Al Mana were denying the fact that they got married. When the rumors were proven to be right, Janet Jackson denied the fact that the wedding was extravagant. Instead, she and her husband enjoyed their calm ceremony with their families and closest friends.

Janet Jackson also stated that their wedding gifts to each other were related to each other’s charities. All other details were kept in private since Janet Jackson wanted to keep a lot of things between her and her new husband.
It is worth mentioning that the marriage with Wissan Al Mana is the third one for the singer. Previously she was dating to Jermaine Dupri who was a long term Janet Jackson boyfriend. However, they broke up in 2009. Previously to dating Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson was married to James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo.

In addition to Janet Jackson’s dream to get married which has already happened, the singer wants to have a lot of kids, as one source stated. Moreover, Janet Jackson is sure that if she cannot have them herself, she will adopt. Therefore, Janet Jackson’s getting married was only the first step into reaching her other dreams. Sooner or later there might be rumors that Janet Jackson is expecting or adopted a child. Therefore, Janet Jackson and Wissan Al Mana might become mother and father soon.

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