Rosario Dawson boyfriend

And the current Rosario Dawson boyfriend is – Danny Boyle

It has been known that Rosario Dawson boyfriend is Danny Boyle. Together with him she has been spotted recently taking a vacation in Barbados. The couple started dating last year when Rosario Dawson was chosen to act in his movie called “Trance”. Danny Boyle is known as a very successful producer who worked on a lot of popular movies including “The Slumdog Millionaire”.
When they were in Barbados, Rosario Dawson was spotted sunbathing topless on a boat with her boyfriend Danny Boyle. The couple was together with some of their friends, as well. Despite their age difference – Rosario Dawson is 33 years old and Rosario Dawson boyfriend is 56 years old – it looks that they are having a really good time together.
The actress was dressed in a multicolor bikini with the top part of it being navy and the bottom part being red. In addition, she was wearing a brown fedora to keep her face from the hot sun. Rosario Dawson boyfriend Danny Boyle was wearing red swimming pants, a fedora made from straws and sun glasses. In addition, Danny Boyle seemed as he was all prepared to take a swim into Caribbean waters with his goggles hanging around his neck.
The couple was spotted spending time on the upper deck of the boat laughing and chatting together with their friends. It is worth mentioning that the time when the couple was seen enjoying the Caribbean was around the New Years. It was also stated that Rosario Dawson did not want to spend her New Year’s Eve together with her friends because she wanted to be with her boyfriend Danny Boyle, therefore she chose to go on a trip with him. The New Year’s Eve party with her friends was happening in Los Angeles, however Danny Boyle claimed that he hates the place, therefore, he talked his girlfriend into spending their New Years in Caribbean.
Thus, it is obvious that the couple is getting more and more serious and that they mean everything to each other, even cancelling long-arranged plans with friends. After their boat trip, the couple was seen swimming in the water and going back to their hotel.

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