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A lot of rumors started when Liv Tyler appeared for the first time in the public with a mistery man. Even more rumors spread when she appeared with him three times in a row in one month, thus the public started guessing that he is the newest Liv Tyler boyfriend.

And the current Liv Tyler boyfriend is – Royston Langdon

Liv Tyler was married to her former husband Royston Langdon who is known as a musician from the United Kingdom, however she divorced with him in 2010. After the divorce, she has not been seen with the same man several times in a row, therefore it implies that the relationship between her and the mistery man who is rumored to be the newest Liv Tyler boyfriend is heating up.
She was seen taking a walk with him in West Village in New York. Liv Tyler who is known to be a daughter of a famous musician Steven Tyler was wearing sun glasses, Letterman jacket, grey skirt, black leggings and flats. She accentuated her look with wearing a checkered scarf around her neck. Liv Tyler boyfriend was wearing a grey hat, sun glasses, dark coat, dark blue jeans and brown boots. When the couple caught a cab, her boyfriend was spotted opening the doors for Liv Tyler and waiting till she gets in the car first.
In addition, Liv Tyler was seen introducing her kids to her new boyfriend. The actress was spotted taking her eight year old son Milo to the date. Her man was bonding with the kid and was spotted taking his hand. In February the man was seen taking Liv Tyler for lunch in Mary’s Fish Camp.
In addition, before she started be seen with this man, Liv Tyler dated two other guys for short periods of time. She was in a relationship with Theo Wenner who is known as a son of Jann Wenner, founder of the Rolling Stones magazine.
Moreover, Liv Tyler dated Vito Schnabel before she got involved with Jann Wenner. Vito Schnabel is known to be a son of film producer and director Julian Schnabel.
Before she got married to her former husband Royston Langdon, she dated Joaquin Phoenix with whom she stayed in a relationship for three years.

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