Tamsin Egerton boyfriend

Recently there were a lot of rumors spreading that Tamsin Egerton boyfriend is Josh Hartnett. With Josh Hartnett, Tamsin Egerton was starring in the “Singularity” and sources have stated that they were more than friendly in behind the scenes of the show.

And the current Tamsin Egerton boyfriend is – Josh Hartnett

However, when asked about these rumors Tamsin Egerton assured that she was not looking for any serious relationships. In addition, Tamsin Egerton also stated that she has had only three boyfriends. Moreover, Josh Hartnett was seen quite a lot of times with Tamsin Egerton having coffee or just walking around in the city.
It has to be mentioned that Tamsin Egerton boyfriend Josh Hartnett got involved with the actress after he broke up with Amanda Seyfried whom he dated for four months. Tamsin Egerton was seen accompanying Josh Hartnett to his home town in Minnesota where she was introduced to his family and friends, thus the rumors began that the couple has been getting more serious. Furthermore, one source close to Josh Hatnett claimed that he is not used to bringing girls to his home town, therefore it implies that Tamsin Egerton is really special to him.
Talking more about Tamsin Egerton boyfriend Josh Hartnett, to the public he is mostly known as a producer and an actor. He became known after he appeared in the TV series called “Cracker” which were aired in 1997. In the TV series, he got a role of Michael Fitzgerald. Later, he got some teenage roles to portray in several films such as “The Virgin Suicides”, “The Faculty” and “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later”.
Some years later, he got more important and bigger roles in movies which received national and international success. Such movies include “Pearl Harbor”, “Black Hawk Dawn”, “30 Days of Night” and some others. He worked with a couple of famous and respected movie directors including Brian de Palma, Michael Bay, Robert Rodriguez and Ridley Scott.
Before the rumors about Tamsin Egerton and Josh Hartnett started, she was in a relationship with Ben Barnes whom she started dating in 2009. However, these rumors were never confirmed by neither Tamsin Egerton nor Ben Barnes.

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