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Since 2009, Tara Reid boyfriend has been known to be Michael Axtmann. The couple was even engaged to get married, but called off their engagement and separated for a while. However, in the same year they got back together. Tara Reid and Tara Reid boyfriend Michael Axtmann were seen in France shopping and having fun in night clubs, thus it sparked rumors that the couple is getting serious again. Michael Axtmann is known to the public as Internet entrepreneur.

And the current Tara Reid boyfriend is – Michael Axtmann

Before she got involved with him, Tara Reid boyfriend was rumored to be Julien Jarmoune. In 2008 they were said to be an item. Julien Jarmoune is known as a fashion executive from France. Moreover, they were even rumored to get married, however it did not happen.
In December of 2007, Tara Reid was rumored to have an affair with Jay Lyon who is known as a musician. In addition, it was also rumored that because of Tara Reid, Jay Leno broke up with his girlfriend Miranda Kerr.
In the same year, Salvatore Angelucci was also rumored to be with Tara Reid. Tara Reid and Salvatore Angelucci, who is known as an Italian model, were seen on couple occasions and events spending time together.
For one month, Tara Reid had an affair with surfer Koby Abberton whom she dated from the end of 2006 till the beginning of 2007.
One year before she got involved with Koby Abberton, Tara Reid had a romance with Paris Latsis. Paris Latsis is known not only as heir of Greek shipping, he is also known as ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton. It has been rumored that they got together when Paris Latsis attended Tara Reid’s 30th birthday party, however neither Tara Reid nor Paris Latsis have ever confirmed these rumors and also they did not comment on their relationship. However, when Paris Hilton got to know that Tara Reid was dating Paris Latsis, the rumors started that the girls got into an argument because of it.
For one spring month in 2005, Tara Reid boyfriend was rumored to be Tommy Lee. They met in Las Vegas and later were seen together in Los Angeles.

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