Leighton Meester boyfriend

And the current Leighton Meester boyfriend is – Adam Brody

Recent news state that the current Leighton Meester boyfriend is Adam Brody. The couple was reported to have been together since they started to film in the movie called “The Oranges”. Some people even state that the couple is a teen drama romance.
The news about them dating each other became official when the couple was seen together in February of 2013. Moreover, some magazines and social websites report that these news are one of the biggest news in show business. A lot of people used to link Leighton Meester who appears in the TV series called “Gossip Girl” together with Adam Brody, however these statements usually remained only rumors spread on social websites. Thus, when everybody got to know that Leighton Meester boyfriend is Adam Brody, showbiz lovers jumped with joy.
Furthermore, it has been a little shock to everybody because apparently the couple has been dating for weeks, as one of the sources has stated. On the set of the movie “The Oranges”, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have been noticed being very friendly and close to each other.
In addition, it seems that the couple does not hide their feelings to each other and are not afraid of paparazzi. The couple was enjoying their trip to Bangkok and spent their time at museum surrounded by paparazzi. However, when they spotted in Los Angeles out and about earlier, Leighton Meester seemed that she did not desire any attention by hiding in the back seat of Adam Brody’s car. Thus, it also can be assumed that Leighton Meester still tries to hide their relationship from the rest of the world. Nevertheless, Leighton Meester boyfriend seemed more relaxed than his girlfriend.
Although they appear to still hide their relationship, recently Leighton Meester has been spotted leaving her boyfriend’s house in Los Feliz, thus it implies that their relationship is getting serious. Moreover, the couple was spotted to have had a dinner date and they left their dining place holding hands. Thus, the rumors which started earlier before the couple reveled the fact that they have been dating for quite a lo of time became true with couple being seen more and more time spending together. Moreover, both the “Gossip Girl” star and Leighton Meester boyfriend seems to be really happy together.

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