Michelle Trachtenberg boyfriend

And the current Michelle Trachtenberg boyfriend is – Pete Wentz

It has been rumored that the current Michelle Trachtenberg boyfriend is Pete Wentz. They have been rumored to be together since summer of 2011. In addition, it is the second time when they are rumored to be got back together. First of all, the couple split in 2008. However, when they were spotted together several times in 2011, the rumors started again that Michelle Trachtenberg is dating Pete Wentz.
In 2010 Michelle Trachtenberg was in a relationship with John Mayer. Although it was only rumors, the couple was spotted several times in clubs together. However, Michelle Trachtenberg denied that she was dating John Mayer, thus he is only a supposed Michelle Trachtenberg boyfriend.
Another rumored Michelle Trachtenberg boyfriend was Jason Segel with whom she was said to be in a relationship in summer of 2009. In February of 2008 Michelle Trachtenberg started dating her friend Joshua Radin, however they were in a relationship for only a brief period of time. In 2007 Michelle Trachtenberg was seen on a couple of dates with Jason Lewis which also sparked rumors that he was the newest Michelle Trachtenberg boyfriend.
Talking more about her current boyfriend Pete Wentz, they first started dating in 2006. However, their relationship did not last long because in 2008 Michelle Trachtenberg decided to leave him. In her words, Pete Wentz was a ‘frat boy’ while Pete Wentz himself had only nice words to say about the actress such as stating that she was a ‘blast’ to be with.
Pete Wentz is known to the public as a musician and a member of the band called “Fall Out Boy”. In the band, he serves as a basic lyrics writer and a bassist. In addition to being a member in the band, he also established his own band called “Black Cards”. Moreover, he has his own recording company called “Decaydance Records” which signs a lot of famous artists such as “Gym Class Heroes” and “Panic! At the Disco”. In addition to being involved into music world, Pete Wentz is known to be involved into fashion, writing and acting. He has his own clothing company which is entitled “Clandestine Industries”.

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