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It has been known that Marisa Miller boyfriend from 2005 has been Griffin Guess. He is known as a music producer who worked together with such popular and successful acts as Jay-Z and Kanye West. The couple married after only one year of dating, in 2006, and Griffin Guess became not only Marisa Miller boyfriend but also her husband.

And the current Marisa Miller boyfriend is – Griffin Guess

Moreover, in December of 2012 the couple’s first baby boy was born who was named Gavin Lee. It is a first child for Marisa Miller. The healthy baby boy was born in a hospital in Santa Cruz, California. Both Marisa Miller and Marisa Miller boyfriend and husband Griffin Guess did not hide their excitement about their baby born son.
In an official statement Marisa Miller admitted that she could not wait to experience what it means to be a mommy and added that Griffin Guess was also happy about their son’s birth. Marisa Miller stated that she was expecting her baby boy since June. Furthermore, the new mother stated that while expecting her baby she felt tired and gained a lot of weight. Nevertheless, Marisa Miller was feeling excited all the time when she was pregnant.
The supermodel from the United States also stated that both of them, she and her husband, wanted to start a real family someday but they also wanted to experience the life of a married couple. One of the most interesting things about her son’s birth is that he was born in the same year as the babies of her sisters. Therefore, the year 2012 seems quite exciting for the whole Millers family.
When the couple got married, Marisa Miller stated that she has been loyal to her husband from the first day they started a romantic relationship and has not been given any reasons for him why he should stop trust her, although it seems quite possible when working as a model. Right before she gave birth to her baby boy Gavin Lee, Marisa Miller posed half naked for the magazine “Allure” where her huge baby bump was visible, as well. In the pictures, it is also seen that although her baby bump is quite big, her overall figure looked impeccable.

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