Shakira boyfriend

And the current Shakira boyfriend is – Gerard Pique

The news about Shakira boyfriend being a famous football player Gerard Pique is known to every person who is interested in show business. Quite recently it has been reported that they newborn has come to the world. A healthy little baby boy was born to Shakira and Shakira boyfriend Gerard Pique.
What is even more, Gerard Pique tweeted first photos of their son who is named Milan. Moreover, the baby was wearing his personalized first pair of Nike sneakers in the pictures. Although the pair of Nikes seemed quite a bit big for a newborn, they still looked very cute on the little Milan’s feet.
All time when Shakira was pregnant with her baby boy, she updated her fans every week about her pregnancy. The singer and Shakira boyfriend Gerard Pique even attended a photo shoot where Shakira was photographed with her belly getting bigger and bigger every month.
Moreover, it has been rumored that Gerard Pique cannot wait to introduce his favorite sport to their new born. The football player is known as playing for the FC Barcelona team in Spain. In addition, the news about Milan coming to the world was confirmed on the singer’s official website right after the birth of the baby boy. Milan was born on January 22nd in Barcelona, Spain and he immediately became a member of FC Barcelona team with getting a lot of congratulations and presents from the other FC Barcelona team players.
Moreover, while waiting to see their grandson, the parents of Shakira were happy to speak to reporters waiting outside the hospital where the baby was born and to share their joy with the media.
The name to the boy was given due to its meanings. In Slavic, ‘Milan’ means loving, dear and gracious. In Ancient Roman it means laborious and eager and in Sanskrit the name stands for the meaning of unification. Before the birth of the baby, Shakira tweeted that she appreciates all the prayers from her fans because at the moment she was going into labor. After the birth of Milan, it has been announced that both the baby and the mother were feeling very well. Moreover, Shakira boyfriend also was jumping from the excitement.

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