Megan Fox boyfriend

And the current Megan Fox boyfriend is – Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox boyfriend has been known Brian Austin Green. In addition, he is a husband of Megan Fox, who is one of the sexiest and most beautiful actresses in Hollywood whose name always lands in the TOP of various lists of the most beautiful and hot female stars.
Recently, the couple has spent their time filming in a Brazilian beer commercial, where Megan Fox showed her abilities in dancing samba and doing a lot of sexy moves. Megan Fox has been on a vacation in Rio together with her family where she probably learnt a lot of cultural traditions, including local dancing.
Megan Fox and Megan Fox boyfriend Brian Austin Green have been spotted visiting Brazilian dancing school in Sao Paolo on Saturday. During the time which the couple spent at school, Megan Fox looked more like a dancing teacher than a student. She showed quite a lot of sexy moves and even danced samba.
In addition, recently Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have flown to Brazil to attend the famous Rio Carnival. There, Megan Fox was one of the biggest stars for the audience’s eyes. Megan Fox waved to the crowed dressed in a dress printed with flowers and her hair with loose curls.
In the dancing school where she went together with her husband Brian Austin Green, at the beginning she seemed quite stiff but as things got on, she relaxed and showed what she has learnt in Brazil. Thus, in addition to enjoying each other’s company in the sunny Brazil, the couple had time to know the local culture and enjoy it.
In addition to enjoying dancing with the locals, Megan Fox who starred in a lot of hit movies such as “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body” loved watching the local people showing their dances moves. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green looked happy when they arrived to school and left it with a lot of impressions with holding each other’s hands.
In the beer commercial where the actress recently appeared she was dancing together with the participants of the carnival and showed her perfect body. Thus, it has been said that Brian Austin Green is a lucky man who happened to be not only Megan Fox boyfriend but also her husband.

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