Eva Mendes boyfriend

It has been announced that the recent Eva Mendes boyfriend is actor Ryan Gosling who is one of the most sought after actors at the moment. In addition, they have been stated to be one of the best looking couples in Hollywood. Recently, Eva Mendes and Eva Mendes boyfriend have attended press conference. The press conference happened in New York where Eva Mendes talked about her new film in which she appeared. The event took place in Waldorf Astoria hotel where the movie called “The Place Beyond the Pines” was presented.

And the current Eva Mendes boyfriend is – Ryan Gosling

In addition to her acting career, Eva Mendes is known as a fashion designer. She is always seen in some flattering dresses, however for the press conference Eva Mendes decided to wear a casual looking dress from a dotted material which reminded lady bugs. In addition, she accented the dress while wearing black fishnet leggings and black leather ankle boots. Eva Mendes is said to release her new fashion line quite soon which is going to have a lot of vintage details. The new clothing line of the star is said to be released later in 2013. In addition, it is rumored to elegant and chic, the way in which Eva Mendes usually dresses. The new fashion line is created in collaboration with “New York & Company”.

Eva Mendes boyfriend Ryan Gosling also attended the press conference and looked more casual than his girlfriend. Ryan Gosling chose to wear a white printed T-Shirt, black jacket and beige pants.
One of the most interesting things was that the couple did not leave the press conference together. Eva Mendes left the event in one car and Ryan Gosling left the building in another car, following her. Apparently, this situation inspired rumors that the relationship is not at its best right now for the couple.

However, they still seem to be spending quite a lot of time together because the film is going to be released soon which means making a lot of promotions of it which makes the couple to see each other more often than usual. In the movie, Ryan Gosling is playing a part of a motorbike rider Luke while Eva Mendes was chosen to play his lover named Romina.

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