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One of the hottest stars from the United Kingdom Cheryl Cole has been known as a love target of a lot of famous men. However, for the last couple of months it has been known that the singer is unavailable and the current Cheryl Cole boyfriend is known to be Tre Holloway.

And the current Cheryl Cole boyfriend is – Tre Holloway

In a new video of the singer, it is apparent that one of the dancers is her boyfriend and she is not afraid to show affections towards him. The video clip was made for her song “Ghetto Baby” and during it, the singer together with her new boyfriend can be spotted kissing, cuddling and doing some risky dancing moves, which is not only a good acting but also emotions from reality.
The most risky dancing move can be seen when Cheryl Cole boyfriend lays on the ground and Cheryl Cole is trying to do the same while the couple does some hip grinding.
In the video clip everybody would admit that Cheryl Cole looks stunning and sexy. In addition, her boyfriend appears in the video clip as a true hunk. Thus, they both make a really good looking couple.
Furthermore, the video clip is a black and white production and Cheryl Cole uses clothing of the same colors. In one scene, she is wearing a white skirt and it can be spotted how Tre Holloway puts his arms on her bottoms which is another risky dance move.
The video was released before Christmas of 2012 when the singer and Tre Holloway celebrated their 6 months anniversary of being together. The song “Ghetto Baby” portrays Cheryl Cole as an urban musician. The track was written by one of the most successful music stars of today, Lana Del Rey, and is included in the newest album of the singer called “A Million Lights”.
The couple has been spotted together eight months ago and since then their love to each other has grown bigger and bigger with them showing more and more affections to each other in various public places. Thus, it appears that the current Cheryl Cole boyfriend makes the singer happier than ever.

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