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Rose Byrne whose real name is Mary Rose Byrne is known as an actress from Australia. She is mostly known as an actress who portrayed a character of Ellen Parsons in a TV show called “Damages”. In addition, she has appeared in quite a lot of films such as “28 Weeks Later”, “Troy”, “Marie Antoinette” and many others.

And the current Rose Byrne boyfriend is – Brendan Cowell

Moreover, her personal life is as much important and interesting to the public as her professional career as an actress. One of Rose Byrne boyfriends was known to be Brendan Cowell. The couple started getting involved in 2003 and dated for seven years. However, in 2010 Rose Byrnes and Brendan Cowell decided to finally break up. One of the reasons for their divorce was distance because it was hard for them to see each other as often as they wanted knowing the fact that Rose Byrnes lived in a different part of the country as Brendan Cowell.
Talking more about Rose Byrne boyfriend, Brendan Cowell is known as a film producer and director from Australia. He is also an actor and screenwriter. He got involved into acting business quite unexpectedly when he was waiting for his sister to come out of her audition. He was invited to audition and got his first appearance in TV commercial when Brendan Cowell was only eight years old. Before he decided to get involved into cinema industry, Brendan Cowell was considering get involved into journalism.
As a writer, he co-worked in making movies such as “How It Feels”, “Europe”, “Love My Way”, “Chronologic” and many others. As an actor, he has appeared in films such as “The Slap”, ‘I Love You Too”, “Clutch”, “Floodhouse” and many more.
Before she got involved with Brendan Cowell, Rose Byrne was rumored to be with Gregor Jordan, who was confirmed to be Rose Byrne boyfriend. He is also known as a writer and director of films from Australia. In addition, he worked with her on the movie “Two Hands”. In addition to it, Gregor Jordan worked on productions such as “Ned Kelly”, “Buffalo Soldiers” and some others. In 2005 his son Jack was born, whose mother is Simone Kessell. She is also a wife of Gregor Jordan.

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