Michelle Williams boyfriend

It has been known that Michelle Williams boyfriend was Jason Segel. However, it has also been know that the couple is no longer together. Michelle Williams has stated that she was the reason why they broke up. She has also admitted that she decided to break up with Jason Segel because she was not ready to commit yet.
It was a lot surprising for the public that she decided to divorce because the couple was always seen happy to be together. Closest friends to a star said that Michelle Williams could not imagine her future together with Jason Segel, thus she decided to not waste her time with him anymore.

Michelle Williams boyfriend was – Jason Segel

For more than a year Michelle Williams and Michelle Williams boyfriend Jason Segel were involved in a relationship through a distance with one living in one part of the United States and another living in another part. Jason Segel who is known to be one of the cast members of the TV show called “How I Met You Mother” was living in Los Angeles where the set of the TV show was based whereas Michelle Williams and her daughter named Matilda resided in Brooklyn, New York. Michelle Williams and her eight year old daughter Matilda settled in New York where she used to live together with a previous Michelle Williams boyfriend Heath Ledger. Thus, having a boyfriend who lives in another part of the United States seemed difficult for Michelle Williams and she decided to quit their relationship.

One source has claimed that although Michelle Williams cares about Jason Segel a lot, she does not feel ready to fully commit to him, especially with him living in another part of the country. The source also stated that if they had a possibility to see each other every day, Michelle Williams might probably think about their future together.

However, with their relationship being through a distance, the actress did not see where it was going. Thus, it proves the fact that relationships through a distance does not always work out well. Another source explained that neither Michelle Williams nor Michelle Williams boyfriend could think about living anywhere else than their current residing places.

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