Joanna Krupa boyfriend

Joanna Krupa was known to be in on and off relationship with Romain Zago, however, today he is not only Joanna Krupa boyfriend but also her fiancé which leads to the fact that the couple is getting serious. The couple has been known to be splitting and getting back together for a long time. When the couple broke up in 2012, Joana Krupa revealed some spicy details from their relationship during one of her interviews. She admitted that Romain Zago was an extreme workaholic which sometimes disrupted their relationship because he used to be involved in his work so much that he even did not have time for her. In addition, Joanna Krupa talked about their sex life and stated that it was completely wrecked.

And the current Joanna Krupa boyfriend is – Romain Zago

In addition, Joanna Krupa boyfriend has recently appeared on a talk show and explained that being in a relationship with the most beautiful woman is like eating a very delicious pasta. He also admitted that all relationships seem beautiful in the beginning, however, as time passes u become bored with it.
Romain Zago confessed that although he is dating one of the most beautiful girls in the world and is even engaged to get married, he is getting bored. He has also received a lot of shocked reactions from his friends who could not understand how dating a perfect swimsuit model could get boring.

In the interview Joanna Krupka boyfriend compared their relationship to eating pasta. He stated that if you eat the best pasta in the world, you can get bored. Thus, you need some spices to make some difference and it appears that he is also seeking for making some changes in his personal life as well.

The couple came back together in the end of 2012 and they are still trying to get some privacy, according to Romain Zago. He also admitted that their sex life is not as perfect as he wanted it to be. According to him, after some years of relationships sex gets not as perfect as it used to be in the beginning of relationship. Romain Zago also stated that one of the obstacles of it is that they are not able to see each other as often as they would like to.

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