Katy Perry boyfriend

And the current Katy Perry boyfriend is – John Mayer

One of the most successful singers Katy Perry boyfriend has been known to be John Mayer for quite a long time. The couple has been spotted spending their Valentine’s evening together and appeared to be really happy and loving together. Katy Perry and her boyfriend John Mayer were seen together all dressed up for a romantic date to celebrate the Valentine’s Day earlier on February 13th.
Before, they were seen together in Grammy Awards almost glued to each other and after the ceremony they met with Katy Perry’s mother to have dinner. The day later, the singer and her boyfriend were spotted having sushi in Los Angeles, thus it is obvious that neither Katy Perry nor Katy Perry boyfriend are embarrassed by a lot of eyes which are observing them everywhere they go.
After their lovely Valentine’s evening John Mayer drove Katy Perry home. In addition, a lot of magazines investigated her looks which were chosen to spend the night with her boyfriend. Katy Perry wore a light blue dress with a matching light peach belt and high heels of the same color. Her make up seemed to be a little bit too dark for a casual date, however taking into consideration the fact that it was not a usual date but the night out on the Valentine’s Day the singer looked great and for sure it might have impressed Katy Perry boyfriend John Mayer. On the other hand, John Mayer looked more casual with wearing a denim t-shirt with tiger’s head on the back of it, baggy black trousers and beige boots. Thus, the public and media critics stated that although they seemed happy and loving on their date, their clothing styles were completely mismatched.
It has been stated that the night before the couple was dining with Katy Perry’s parents in the same place, where Katy Perry seemed to be very happy and beaming with joy. The couple and the singer’s parents were laughing a lot and seemed to be very comfortable in each other’s companies. Thus, the singer finally seems at ease with her new love and so appears to be Katy Perry boyfriend.

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