Emily Vancamp boyfriend

And the current Emily Vancamp boyfriend is – Josh Bowman

It has been known for quite a while that Emily VanCamp boyfriend is Josh Bowman who appears to be a real gentleman. Recently the couple has been spotted outside one grocery store, where Josh Bowman pushed the stroller all the way to their car. Therefore, it is no wonder why Emily VanCamp has fallen fro Josh Bowman.
The couple has been together for a little more than one year and it seems that they are still very much in love. When they were spotted outside the grocery store in Los Feliz, Emily VanCamp boyfriend did all the hard work with packing, pushing the stroller and putting all the groceries to their car. When Josh Bowman finished putting groceries out of the stroller, Emily VanCamp pushed it back to the store while leaving Josh Bowman to arrange groceries orderly in the car.
Emily VanCamp met Josh Bowman when they both were on the set of the filming of the movie in which they both appeared and which was called “Revenge” in 2011. In the movie, their characters portrayed a romance which apparently happened in real life as well. Soon after the filming finished, the rumors sparked that Josh Bowman was considered to be Emily VanCamp boyfriend. In the film, their love relationship seemed to be finished in the end of the first season, however in real life their feelings just grew stronger and stronger.
Also, the couple has been showing affections to each other quite publicly from the beginning of their relationship which proves that they were not afraid of the fact that people would start talking about their relationship. On their brunch date in January of 2012, the couple seemed to be very happy in each other’s company with Josh Bowman having his arms around Emily Vancamp’s shoulders.
Moreover, Emily VanCamp confessed in one interview that she feels really blessed to be as happy as she is right now. Moreover, Emily VanCamp boyfriend appears to give her comfort and make her life complete because Emily VanCamp stated that it is important to make a choice everyday if you still want to be with a person together and it appears that her decision is positive every day because the couple is really happy to be together.

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