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Although Taylor Swift has come to prominence relatively recently, her dating life seems very long and quite interesting since it involves a lot of famous men. One of her most recent relationships was with singer from the boy band “One Direction”, Harry Styles. Harry Styles was Taylor Swift boyfriend from November of 2012 till January of 2013. Although they dated for only a couple of months, they seemed to be really in love. The rumors about their romantic relationship started when the two were spotted flirting behind the scenes of the TV show “The X Factor”.

And the current Taylor Swift boyfriend is – Harry Styles

In December of 2012 they appeared as a couple when they were going out on a date in New York’s Central Park. Thus, there was no doubt that Harry Styles was the new Taylor Swift boyfriend. Moreover, they were together on the New Year’s Eve, however while being on vacation celebrating the New Years, they broke up.
Before she got involved with Harry Styles, Taylor Swift was rumored to be together with Conor Kennedy. They started their relationship in summer of 2012, however in the autumn of the same year, Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift boyfriend Conor Kennedy realized that long distance relationship was not working any longer and they broke up but decided to stay good friends.
Moreover, another Taylor Swift boyfriend was known to be Jake Gyllenhaal with whom she dated for approximately two months. Together they were seen going on dates throughout all November. It was also rumored that the two spent Thanksgiving holiday also with each other. However, in January the things started getting worse between them and it was announced that Jake Gyllenhaal told Taylor Swift over a phone chat that he wanted to break up with her.
In February of 2011 Taylor Swift was rumored to be going out with Chord Overstreet. Chord Overstreet is known as a star from the TV show “Glee”. The rumors started when the two were photographed sitting together while watching the game of LA Kings. In spring of 2010, Taylor Swift dated Cory Monteith. They went out for a few times, went bowling and ate lunch together.

taylor swift boyfriend taylor swift boyfriend

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