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In the end of the last year the announcements were released that Rosamund Pike moved to live together with Rosamund Pike boyfriend Robie Uniacke. It was known that before Rosamund Pike was living in her flat which was established in Western part of London. Robie Uniacke is also known as the father of her baby Solo, who is over one year old right now.

And the current Rosamund Pike boyfriend is – Robie Uniacke

One of the reasons why she at first decided to live alone was because her parents never had a house, thus she was looking for every possibility to move from her flat into a larger home.
Rosamund Pike is known as an actress from films such as “Die Another Day” and “Jack Reacher”. Before the actress moved to live with Rosamund Pike boyfriend to another part of the city, she was renting a flat in West London. R
osamund Pike boyfriend Robie Uniacke is known to have other children than Solo, as well. He has three kids from his ex-girlfriend Rose Batstone and one son from his first wife Emma Howard. In addition, it has been known that in the past Robie Uniacke was a huge drug addict.
In addition, it is also not the first relationship to Rosamund Pike. She was engaged to a film director Joe Wright who also directed one of the movies in which Rosamund Pike appeared and which was called “Pride and Prejudice”. However, Joe Wright was also the one who decided to break up right before their wedding had to happen. Another of Rosamund Pike boyfriends was Simon Woods, however, when she realized that he was homosexual, Rosamund Pike broke up with him.
Rosamund Pike became famous when she appeared in the movie “Die Another Day” where she portrayed the character of Miranda Frost, the Bond girl. In addition, the English actress has appeared in many other movies such as “Fracture”, “Fugitive Pieces”, “An Education” and some others. Since 2009 her career was slightly interrupted by the appearance of her new boyfriend Robie Uniacke who had drug addiction problems. In 2012, she gave birth to their first baby boy, Solo.

rosamund pike boyfriend rosamund pike boyfriend

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