Shiri Appleby boyfriend

It has been known that Jon Shook is not only Shiri Appleby boyfriend but also her fiancé. She got engaged to him after dating him for two years. The couple got engaged in 2012 when they were taking a trip in Italy.

And the current Shiri Appleby boyfriend is – Jon Shook

In addition, in the end of the year 2012 Shiri Appleby and Shiri Appleby boyfriend Jon Shook reported that they were expecting a baby together. In March of 2013 their baby girl came to the world.
One of the most interesting facts was that the actress did not want to know the gender of her baby before she was born, therefore she was very happy to have a healthy girl. In the interview which was taken right after the birth of the baby, Shiri Appleby admitted that she is too much excited and thrilled about her newest bundle of joy. Parents named their daughter Natalie Bouader Shook.
Jon Shook who is known as a famous chef from Los Angeles was also thrilled to know that he was having a girl. When she announced that she gave birth to a girl, Shiri Appleby admitted that it was more exciting for her during the whole stage of pregnancy because she did not know the gender of the baby. Not only her, but also Shiri Appleby boyfriend could not wait till the delivery of the baby to know who it was going to be, a boy or a girl.
In addition, the couple admitted that because they did not know the gender of their baby, they colored baby’s room with neutral colors. Moreover, Shiri Appleby stated that she did not want her baby’s room look like a completely baby’s room, therefore, all they got in it before the birth of little Natalie was a chandelier, rug and drapes.
In addition, Shiri Appleby did no hide their happiness that both she and her fiancé Jon Shook agreed on how they wanted the baby’s room to look. Shiri Appleby also stated that Jon Shook helped her a lot during her pregnancy. He always tried to keep her calm, relaxed and happy. Moreover, Shiri Appleby revealed that after their baby girl will get a little bigger, they are going to plan a wedding.

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