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Jessica Biel has been dated quite a lot of famous guys since she became a worldwide known star. One of Jessica Biel boyfriends has been known to be a popular singer and actor Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel used to be in an on and off relationship with him while finally Justin Timberlake proposed to her. However, there have been no news when the couple is going to get married, however Jessica Biel and Jessica Biel boyfriend and now fiancé Justin Timberlake appear to be really happy together.

And the current Jessica Biel boyfriend is – Justin Timberlake

The couple got involved for the first time in 2007, however after some rumors they decided to take a break from each other four years later, in March of 2011. However, they got back together in summer of the same year. They were spotted enjoying each other’s companies on several trips and were seen together going to visit Jessica Biel’s parents, thus the rumors started that the relationship between the two was really heating up.
What is even more is that the couple did not admit that they were back together since the late October of 2011.
Before she got involved with Justin Timberlake, Derek Jeter was known to be Jessica Biel boyfriend. The couple was known to be together from November of 2006 till January of 2007. They were photographed having fun in one night club and later sunbathing together.
Before she met Derek Jeter, Jessica Biel was in a relationship with Chris Evans. The couple was together for two years, from 2004 till 2006. They got introduced to each other in 2004, when they both appeared on the set of “Cellular”. The relationship with Chris Evans was one of the first longest relationships for Jessica Biel with a famous man.
One of the very first men with whom Jessica Biel dated was Adam LaVorgna. The couple dated for three years, from 1998 till 2001. Taking into consideration the fact that at that time both of them were very young, three year relationship seemed quite long for both Jessica Biel and Jessica Biel boyfriend Adam LaVorgna. The couple met together on the set of making the film “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.

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