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It has been known that from the beginning of the year 2010 Katie Cassidy boyfriend has been Jarret Stoll. Jarret Stoll is known to the public as a hockey player who is in the team of LA Kings in the National Hockey League. Katie Cassidy met Jarret Stoll in one of the sport events and after the game they spent quite a lot of time together. Before Jarret Stoll got his position at the LA Kings team, he played for various other teams such as Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton Roadrunners, Edmonton Ice and many others. In 2012, his team LA Kings won Stanley Cup Championship which was a huge achievement for the team.

And the current Katie Cassidy boyfriend is – Jarret Stoll

Before she started dating Jarret Stoll, Katie Cassidy boyfriend was rumored to be Topher Grace. However, officially they were never seen as a couple although they had a lot of dinner dates together in October of 2009.
Another of Katie Cassidy boyfriends was known to be a musician Jesse McCartney. He was one of her boyfriends with whom Katie Cassidy spent a lot of time. The couple started dating in 2005, however they relationship ended in the summer end of 2007. A lot of people who knew both of them believed that the couple would get married some day however it never happened. The couple appeared in a lot of events and parties together.

Moreover, it has been stated that a lot of songs which Jesse McCartney wrote during the period when they were dating were about Katie Cassidy. If it is true, then it is supposed that the reason of their divorce was because Katie Cassidy cheated on Jesse McCartney, as it is said in one of his songs, however it was not claimed officially.

In addition, in 2007 it has been stated that the couple was even engaged to get married. The rumors about it started when the star Lauren Conrad who is a close friend to Katie Cassidy revealed that Jesse McCartney proposed to her friend. The proposal took place when Katie Cassidy and Jesse McCartney were dining together with their friends in a restaurant.

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