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Recently it has been announced that Maggie Q and Maggie Q boyfriend have been spotted together visiting some engagement ring stores. The couple was seen eyeing some rings with huge diamonds on it, especially the ones which look exactly like engagement rings, therefore it has been rumored that Maggie Q and Maggie Q boyfriend are getting married.

And the current Maggie Q boyfriend is – David Leitch

According to some sources close to the couple, Maggie Q is seriously thinking about getting married soon which proves the fact that they might get married soon. Thus, if sources can be trusted, it can be said that the couple is seriously thinking about moving to a higher level.
At such times fans of them would think that it is a disaster if they get married. However, on Facebook and Twitter accounts of the couple’s fans they are expressing their happy emotions saying that they cannot wait for the couple to get married. However, there were still some fans who felt crushed because they saw it as a disaster. The reason for that is simple, they thought that some day they could marry her.

When Maggie Q rep was asked about the rumors of her getting married, he did not want to comment on anything which might as well imply that Maggie Q and Maggie Q boyfriend are seriously getting married. However, soon the rumors were proven to be false. Also, neither Maggie Q not her boyfriend has spoken about these rumors in public.

Maggie Q whose real name is Margaret Denise Quigley is best known to the public as an actress and a former fashion model. Currently, the actress is appearing on a TV show called “Nikita”. Maggie Q is from Hawaii and she was born to her parents who are of Vietnamese and Irish and Polish descents. Maggie Q has four other siblings.
When she attended high school, Maggie Q was very active in sports and excelled in track and field and swimming. In her senior year, she got a title of the fittest body. When she was 17 years old, Maggie Q started modeling in Tokyo, as of offer of her friend.

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