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Heather Graham dating history is one of the longest amongst all the Hollywood stars. She has been dating a lot of famous men. The current Heather Graham boyfriend is known to be Yaniv Raz. With him Heather Graham has been in a relationship since 2008 and there have been a lot of rumors about when the couple is going to get married. The couple started seeing each other after they appeared in a movie called “Son of Mourning”. Moreover, one year later after they got involved into a serious relationship, there were official statements made by Heather Graham herself that the couple has moved in to live together in the same house.

And the current Heather Graham boyfriend is – Yaniv Raz

Before she got involved with Yaniv Raz, Heather Graham boyfriend was known to be Charles Ferri whom she dated for two years. The couple started going together in 2006, however their relationship ended in 2008. One of the biggest reasons why the couple broke up was the problem of distance. They were living in different places of the United States which did not allow them to see each other as often as possible.

Earlier to that, Heather Graham boyfriend was Josh Lucas. However, nobody saw a future for them being together, including both of them as well because the couple split up only after one year of being together. They were in a relationship from 2004 till 2005.

Also, before that, Heather Graham dated Chris Weitz for one year, from 2003 till 2004. Although they divorced, Heather Graham stayed really good friends with Chris Weitz for quite a long time. In 2003, she was rumored to be dating Matthew Perry, however it was not been stated officially. Another person with whom she was also rumored to be together was Benicio Del Toro. The rumors spread in 2001.

Between the years 1998-2000 Heather Graham was in a relationship with Edward Burns. It was also stated that the couple was living together. What is more important, they were engaged to get married, however the marriage never happened. Therefore, today there are a lot of speculations when Heather Graham is going to get married with her current boyfriend Yaniv Raz.

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