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Recently Heidi Klum and Heidi Klum boyfriend who at the moment is Martin Kristen were spotted in the airport at Los Angeles, where they came back after their vacation in Hawaii. However, their vacation was not that pleasurable knowing the fact that during their time in Hawaii Heidi Klum’s son Henry was captured by a riptide.

And the current Heidi Klum boyfriend is – Martin Kristen

Usually people seem quite upset when they have to come back home after vacations especially from such places as Hawaii, however Heidi Klum boyfriend and the model herself looked more than happy when they step out in the airport of Los Angeles due to the fact that they suffered a not pleasant incident with local riptides while being there. The incident happened when the happy family was spending their time on the beach when Heidi Klum’s son Henry was attacked by a terrifying riptide. Thus, it is not surprising that Heidi Klum felt safe and sound when they arrived back to Los Angeles.

In the airport Heidi Klum was spotted wearing black and white long dress with a split up in the side of it, blue denim jacket and a black scarf. When the family was heading to their car to get back home, Heidi Klum was seen holding her son Henry’s hand very tightly. While she was going together with Henry hand in hand, Martin Kristen who is the current Heidi Klum boyfriend was holding the hand of another Heidi Klum son, Johan.

Also, the family was seen going quite fast through the airport sections which might imply that neither Heidi Klum nor Heidi Klum boyfriend were seeking for attention from media and the public. In addition to Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Martin Kristen, the model took all of her kids to the vacation as well as their two nannies.

The family rolled on the airport buggy to their way where their car was waiting for them. In addition, the family attracted attention from other people who were going or coming back from their holidays. They seemed really surprised to be next to the famous family who did not care at all that they are being watched by hundreds of people.

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