Paris Hilton boyfriend

And the current Paris Hilton boyfriend is – River Viiperi

Paris Hilton has been known as one of the biggest party animals in the entertainment industry. Recently, she has celebrated her 32nd birthday which however was interrupted by the shocking news about Paris Hilton boyfriend being in a hospital.
Moreover, the star celebrated her birthday as hard as she always does which proved that age does not really matter for Paris Hilton. The party was attended by a huge number of her friends, parents and also her Spanish boyfriend. Moreover, Paris Hilton stood up on the stage to say hi to her fans who gathered in the club in order to wish their favorite star happy birthday.
In addition, it was quite hilarious to see Paris Hilton dancing risky and provocatively with her boyfriend holding her hand and acting as a real gentleman. Paris Hilton boyfriend has been known to be a Spanish model River Viiperi. The party happened at the Harrah’s Casino where the Peek Nightclub is established and this was where the event took place.
When the party star was resting from dancing, she took a couple of drinks together with her boyfriend who seemed to comfort her very well. In addition, their relationship is one of the most controversial and talked about in the entertainment industry due to the fact that Paris Hilton boyfriend is more than ten years younger than his girlfriend.
However, soon after her birthday River Viiperi was on a skiing trip and broke his leg. Paris Hilton explained the accident on her Twitter account stating that her boyfriend was skiing and did a high jump which ended with a ski cutting his leg. River Viiperi had to suffer almost 20 stitches.
Moreover, about the accident Paris Hilton made several statements saying that she was really scared for her boyfriend and that it was one of the most terrible days in her life. Paris Hilton nursed her boyfriend in the hospital, however later she stated that she almost passed out after seeing the cut on her boyfriend’s leg. According to her, the cut was really deep and she could not imagine in how much pain her boyfriend had to be in suffering the pain.

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