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It has been known that Scott Campbell has been Lake Bell boyfriend. Recently, it has been reported that the couple got married already. The wedding ceremony happened in New Orleans. Lake Bell boyfriend and now husband Scott Campbell is known as a tattoo artist. The wedding ceremony was attended by approximately 200 people, including their families and friends and also quite a lot of celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Kate Bosworth, Josh Hartnett and many others.

And the current Lake Bell boyfriend is – Scott Campbell

The beautiful bride was wearing a wedding dress designed by Marchesa Couture while Lake Bell boyfriend and husband Scott Campbell was wearing a suit designed by Marc Jacobs. Lake Bell’s father Harvey Siegel escorted his daughter down the aisle.
The couple started dating in 2011. The first time they saw each other was in a TV show called “How to Make It in America” which was broadcasted on the HBO channel. One year later, Scott Campbell proposed to Lake Bell on her birthday.
Lake Bell is known to the public as an actress and also as a producer and director. She has appeared in a lot of hit movies including “No Strings Attached”, “Over Her Dead Body”, “What Happens in Vegas”, “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” and some others. Lake Bell has also written and directed a short film “Worst Enemy” all by herself which received awards and which premiere took place in Sundance Film Festival.
Lake Bell was born in to her mother who owned “Robin Bell Design, Inc.” company and her father who was known as a real estate developer. During one of her interviews, Lake Bell admitted that she grew up in a ‘comical dysfunctional family” household. One of the reasons of that could be the fact that her parents were of different religions, thus they wanted to raise their children differently, with her mother being Protestant and her father being Jewish.
When Lake Bell was studying in college in London, she acted in several plays such as “The Children’s Hour”, “The Seagull” and “Six Degrees of Separation”. However, her career in cinema industry began in 2002 when she appeared in “Speakeasy”.

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