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Eva Longoria is famous not because of her acting work but also because of her relationships. The actress has been rumored to date with 50 Cent, Amaury Nolasco and Hayden Christensen. Moreover, Eva Longoria has been in a relationship with Tyler Christopher, J.C. Chasez, Eduardo Cruz, Mark Sanchez and Tony Parker who was not only Eva Longoria boyfriend but also her husband.

And the current Eva Longoria boyfriend is – Eduardo Cruz

Recently the actress has been spotted together with the mayor of Los Angeles in an event and the rumors have begun that Eva Longoria has her eyes set on him. Therefore, people started talking that right now, after splitting with Mark Sanchez, Eva Longoria is dating the mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa who is 59 years old. One source even has claimed that he is the current Eva Longoria boyfriend because they were together spotted holding hands and going to the showing of “Lincoln” in Los Angeles.

Another source stated that Eva Longoria has been together with the mayor of Los Angeles for quite a while already. Therefore, with so many rumors going on, people still cannot understand why the couple is hiding the fact that they are in a relationship. However, when Eva Longoria’s rep was asked if the mayor of Los Angeles is the new Eva Longoria boyfriend the rep answered that these rumors are complete false and the actress is not dating the mayor.
Talking about another boyfriend of Eva Longoria, Mark Sanchez was the one with whom the actress was very much in love, however the couple separated just a few months after seeing each other. The reason why the couple split was because their lifestyles and schedules were too different. Eva Longoria admitted that she was dating Mark Sanchez at the TV show called “Extras” which is hosted by Mario Lopez.

Mark Sanchez is known to the public as a quarterback of New York Jets. However, although the couple was seen as one of the best looking ones in Hollywood, their romance ended just after a few months. What is even more, Mark Sanchez rep told the media that it was nothing more than their different schedules which made the couple to break up.

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