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Hilary Rhoda is known as one of the most successful American models. She is mostly remembered as a model from Estee Lauder brand and her appearances on the “Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issues” editions. In 2012, Hilary Rhoda appeared in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and received a lot of positive comments.

And the current Hilary Rhoda boyfriend is – Mark Sanchez

Hilary Rhoda is also known for her relationships with quite a few famous men. One of Hilary Rhoda boyfriends was rumored to be Mark Sanchez whom she allegedly dated in 2009. The couple met when they were both photographed for the magazine ‘GQ”. However, spokespeople of both stars did not comment on their relationship, thus there is no evidence that the couple was actually together. Mark Sanchez is mostly known to the public as an American football player who is a member of the New York Jets team which plays in the National Football League.
Also, in the same year Sean Avery was rumored to be Hilary Rhoda boyfriend. In the summer of 2009 they were spotted together having fun in local bar. After that, they were photographed several times in various events, appearances and just going out and about.
Talking more about Hilary Rhoda boyfriend, Sean Avery is known as a Canadian hockey player. He has been a member of a lot of teams which were involved in the National Hockey League. He played for teams such as New York Rangers, Dallas Stars, Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings. In addition to being involved in playing hockey, Sean Avery is also to be involved in fashion.
Therefore, it seems that Hilary Rhoda is attracted to mostly men who are involved in either sports or fashion like her. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Hilary Rhoda also used to be involved in sports. When she was studying, the model played in her school’s teams of hockey and lacrosse. Initially, when she started modeling, Hilary Rhoda was signed to Women Model Management who were persistent to sign her with their company. Her first international advertisements in which she appeared included Abercrombie and Hollister. Later, she was signed to IMG Models.

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