Ashley Roberts boyfriend

Recently Ashley Roberts has been spotted leaving a night club together with some unknown man which started rumors that he might be the newest Ashley Roberts boyfriend. In one of her recent interviews Ashley Roberts did not hide that she wanted a boyfriend from Britain because to her they seem very romantic. Moreover, she also added that she would like that her future boyfriend would be from Blighty.

And the current Ashley Roberts boyfriend is – Declan Donnelly

Ashley Roberts who is known as one of the members of the judge panel on the TV show called “Dancing with the Stars” has been said to finally found her lucky man when she was spotted leaving night club called “Mahiki” with a stranger who immediately started to be called the current Ashley Roberts boyfriend. Ashley Roberts who is also known as the former singer from the girl band “Pussycat Dolls” seemed more than happy when seen together with him. Ashley Roberts was dressed in a fur coat keeping herself warm from the harsh London weather.

Moreover, she is known as the latest star in the TV show called “I’m a Celebrity”. The newest Ashley Roberts boyfriend was spotted opening the car door for the star which implies that the star has probably found her gentleman from Britain finally. Before she was seen with this strange man, Ashley Roberts was known to have turned down a date with Declan Donnelly, thus the rumors started that the reason for that was this new man.

Although Ashley Roberts did not confess who the mysterious man is, she admitted that her future boyfriend might as well be from Britain, therefore it is thought that the man with whom she was seen is of British origin. Heading to the car from the club, Ashley Roberts was seen quite tired. It also has to be noted that before she came to the club, she was spotted in a cinema theater together with the same man.

Before she was seen with the alleged Ashley Roberts boyfriend, in her recent interview Ashley Roberts stated that she adores British men although she has not had any close relationships with neither of them.

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