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It has been known that Riley Stearns is not only Mary Elizabeth Winstead boyfriend, but also her husband. She met him when she was only 18 years old, thus he is considered to be her biggest love. It was in 2003 when the couple went on cruise and fell in love. In 2010 the star married Riley Stearns.

And the current MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD boyfriend is – Riley Stearns

Mary Elizabeth Winstead boyfriend and now husband Riley Stearns is known as a film and television director and writer. He has worked on quite a few TV productions. Riley Stearns was a writer’s assistant in the making of the “My Own Worst Enemy”. Moreover, he also co-worked in the making of “Bionic Woman” where he was a production assistant. In addition, Riley Stearns co-wrote the TV series called “Tower Prep”.
In 2008, he worked on the making of the short film called “Stop/Eject” which was the first time when he worked with his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead. In the same film, Ryan Merriman who was Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s co-star in the movie called “Final Destination 3” appeared.
In 2001, Mary Elizabeth Winstead boyfriend and husband Riley Stearns worked on another movie together with his wife. The movie was entitled “Magnificat”. He both filmed and directed it. The film was about a young female who had visions in her mind which later came true. The film was shown online in 2011. In addition to Mary Elizabeth Winstead appearing in it, other stars such as Stephen Tobolowsky were casted to act in it.
The short film was set in Los Angeles and was finished in only one weekend time. The film’s length is 12 minutes and in addition to Riley Stearns working on it, he received help from producer Jamie Kaye Wheeler. In 2011 Riley Stearns uploaded the short movie to his website on Vimeo.
In 2012, he made another short film which starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead and which was called “Headphones”. In this film, his wife was filmed wearing headphones and reading some lines in French. Thus, it seems that co-working with his wife brings not only professional success to Riley Stearns but also strengthens the bond between them.

mary elizabeth winstead boyfriend mary elizabeth winstead boyfriend

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