Jennifer Metcalfe boyfriend

It has been known that for four months Jennifer Metcalfe boyfriend has been Greg Lake. However, recently the rumors have started that after four months of relationship the couple is breaking up. Nevertheless, both of them recently proved that they are still together when they appeared in front of Grand National smiling and holding each other’s hands.

And the current Jennifer Metcalfe boyfriend is – Greg Lake

The couple was seen in a balcony watching a horse show. Jennifer Metcalfe was wearing a white dress and accentuated her look with a black hat. Jennifer Metcalfe boyfriend Greg Lake was dressed in a navy suit and white bottomed shirt. Jennifer Metcalfe met her boyfriend on the set of the TV show called “Geordie Shore”. In addition, Jennifer Metcalfe appeared on another TV show called “Hollyoaks”, which shows that she is quite a wanted actress right now.
Moreover, while being in the event in the Grand National, Jennifer Metcalfe posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend on her Twitter account which was accompanied by her commentary which stated that she had a really great time with good food and company which, of course, included Jennifer Metcalfe boyfriend, as well.
In addition, it also has been rumored that Jennifer Metcalfe was getting back together with her partner from the TV show “Dancing on Ice”, Sylvain Longchambon. Nevertheless, the rumors are only rumors remembering the fact that she was really humiliated and had to suffer a lot when she broke up with him. Sylvain Longchambon was the one who wanted to end the relationship because he fell in love with another star from “Dancing on Ice”, Samia Ghadie.
When asked about this couple, Jennifer Metcalfe stated that she does not with them either good or bad luck. She stated that she is not thinking about the two at all and instead focuses on her own life.
Jennifer Metcalfe has known Greg Lake for more than one year before they got involved into a romantic relationship. However, all the times when Greg Lake tried to hit on her, Jennifer Metcalfe was always in some affairs or relationships. Therefore, when she broke up with Sylvain Longchambon, Jennifer Metcalfe turned to Greg Lake.

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