Whitney Port boyfriend

Recently, Whitney Port has been spotted going out for a lunch date together with Whitney Port boyfriend. In addition, the couple was accompanied by a couple of their friends. Whitney Port looked very happy after lunch with her beloved friends and boyfriend. The star is mostly known as a judge from the TV shows “Britain’s Next Top Model” and “Ireland’s Next Top Model”.

And the current Whitney Port boyfriend is – Tim Rosenman

It seemed that Whitney Port was enjoying her life after she left the TV screen and had more time to spend with Whitney Port boyfriend. It is known that the star is no longer appearing on the TV, instead, she became a designer. After eating lunch, Whitney Port was seen with her boyfriend going for a walk in Los Angeles. The couple and their friends were eating at Axe restaurant which is situated in the Venice region of Los Angeles.
The fashion designer was wearing a white oversized sweater with lime colored bottom. In addition, she was wearing black leggings and trainers which were accented with blue and pink details. Whitney Port boyfriend was dressed in a grey t-shirt and black hoodie. Moreover, he was wearing white short pants and grey and white trainers.
Whitney Port boyfriend is known as a television producer named Tim Rosenman. Moreover, Tim Rosenman was seen goofing around in front of the eatery while entertaining his friends and his girlfriend. In addition, Whitney Port seemed quite recovered knowing the fact that her father has recently passed away because of the kidney cancer. While she was walking together with Tim Rosenman, Whitney Port was having her arm around her boyfriend’s shoulders and looked smiling and laughing all the way while Tim Rosenman was telling something to her.
Whitney Port staretd her career as an actress in TV screens when she appeared in the MTV reality show called “The Hills” which was aired in 2006. Later, she appeared in a lot of other TV shows and films. Moreover, in 2011 Whitney Port released her first book about fashion and style. Whitney Port has her own fashion line called “Whitney Eve” which is a favorite amongst such stars as Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum.

whitney port boyfriend whitney port boyfriend

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