Freida Pinto boyfriend

For four years already Freida Pinto boyfriend has been known to be Dev Patel. Recently the couple has appeared in the Vanity Fair event during which they did not hide their affections towards each other, were holding hands almost al the time and showed that they are still very much in love. One of the most important things was that it was the first time they were seen together since the beginning of 2012. Thus, it has been rumored that the couple is no longer together, however their appearance in the Vanity Fair event proved that they are still going together.

And the current Freida Pinto boyfriend is – Dev Patel

The couple put on a show for everybody in the event with Freida Pinto boyfriend keeping his eyes on his girlfriend all the time and Freida Pinto smiling all the time and kissing her boyfriend. Freida Pinto was one of the hosts of the event which happened in Hollywood’s Roosevelt’s Hotel. Freida Pinto boyfriend Dev Patel gazed deeply in the eyes of his love while she kept her hand wrapped around his neck for most of the time while they were sitting next to each other.
Freida Pinto looked extremely stunning knowing the fact that she arrived to the event only a few hours before the start of it.

The couple first met on the set of the movie called “Slumdog Millionaire” where they both got leading parts. In the movie they portrayed a loving couple which later evolved into their relationship in real life.
Recently the couple has been interviews together and they confessed that for them everyday seems like Valentine’s day. In addition, Freida Pinto admitted that she is not a huge fan of the Valentine’s day and Dev Patel admitted that they believe that every day should be celebrated like the Valentine’s day.

Before the event of Vanity Fair, Freida Pinto was spotted arriving in the Los Angeles airport while dressed in simple clothes and it was hard to believe that she was transformed so quickly to a beautiful looking lady for the event after only a few hours passed from her arrival.

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