Aubrey O‘day boyfriend

And the current AUBREY O‘DAY boyfriend is – Donnie Wahlberg

Aubrey O’Day is known as a singer, actress, model and fashion designer from the United States. She was also known as a member of a girl band called “Danity Kane”.
It has been known for quite a while already that Aubrey O’Day boyfriend is Donnie Wahlberg. It has been reported that the couple has started dating in 2010. However, some sources state that they started seeing each other in 2008 when Aubrey O’Day and Donnie Wahlberg recorded a song called “I Got It”. Initially, both of them denied all rumors that they are in a relationship, however their frequent dates prove to the audience that Aubrey O’Day boyfriend is Donnie Wahlberg. Also, in every picture they are photographed together, they seem to be really attracted towards each other.
Before rumors started about Aubrey O’Day dating Donnie Wahlberg, it was rumored that Jesse McCartney who is known to be a singer and an actor was Aubrey O’Day boyfriend. The couple was seen together in 2008 when they were spotted kissing each other in “Butter” in New York City. Thus, rumors started that they might be an item, however neither Aubrey O’Day nor Jesse McCartney has ever proven these facts.
In April of 2007 it was stated that Aubrey O’Day was in a relationship with Sean Combs. It was known that Aubrey O’Day appeared in his TV show called “Making the Band”. In addition, at that time it seemed that Aubrey O’Day gained quite a lot of weigh and it was considered that she is pregnant, therefore people started speculating that Sean Combs was the father of the baby. When these rumors reached Aubrey O’Day she denied everything and posted on her MySpace page that she was neither pregnant nor in a relationship with Sean Combs. She added that their relationship was only limited to professional work.
Furthermore, there were some rumors in 2007 that Aubrey O’Day was in a relationship with DJ Cassidy. Aubrey O’Day revealed that she was in a relationship with him when she appeared on the “The Wendy Williams Show”. Thus, it appears that Aubrey O’Day was involved in quite a lot of relationships with many famous people.

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