Gina Carano boyfriend

The recent Gina Carano boyfriend has been rumored to be Henry Cavill. The couple recently has been spotted together in Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2013 which were held in California. Before she started dating him, Gina Carano in one of her interviews has stated that she needs a super man in order to date her. Thus, it has been speculated that Henry Cavill fits all her needs and is the man whom Gina Carano has been looking for. The newest Gina Carano boyfriend is a very successful actor who is going to appear in the movie called “Man of Steel” which is going to be released in the summer of 2013. Moreover, Gina Carano is also an actress. In addition, she has been known as a mixed martial artist but left this career in 2009 in order to seek for acting career in Hollywood.

And the current Gina Carano boyfriend is – Henry Cavill

The actress has been stated to have been dating Henry Cavill for four months already. Henry Cavill is appearing in the movie “Man of Steel” where he plays the part of Superman. Thus, he is a Superman not only in the movie but also for his new love Gina Carano. There have been rumors floating around that Gina Carano is getting a role in the movie called “The Fast and the Furious 6” where she is going to act alongside WWE star The Rock and actor Vin Diesel. Thus, not only Gina Carano boyfriend, but also the star herself is getting more and more offers to appear on big screen.

Gina Carano big screen debut was in the movie called “Haywire” however it was not a huge success and did not gross a lot in the box office. Nevertheless, Gina Carano was still chosen to act in the movies such as “In The Blood” and “The Expendables”.
In addition to her acting career, Gina Carano was seriously thinking about getting back to the ring in 2011. What is even more, she was booked to fight against Sarah D’Alelio, however she did not make it to the ring because of the medical reasons. Therefore, her comeback to the ring seems quite impossible as of right now.

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