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Vanessa Hudgens, the star of the so popular teenage film series “High School Musical” has been dating Austin Butler for almost 2 years already. The rumors about Austin Butler being Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend started in 2011. The first time they were noticed as a couple was at the milkshake joint before their appearance on the red carpet. Moreover, in December of the same year they were spotted kissing in the LAX airport, thus the rumors about Austin Butler being Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend were confirmed.

And the current Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend is – Austin Butler

Talking more about Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend, Austin Butler is known as an actor, singer and model, therefore he is involved in the same careers as Vanessa Hudgens. He is mostly known from the spin-off of the “High School Musical” about one of its characters Sharpay Evans, “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”, where he played a role of Peyton Leverette. In addition, he also appeared in the TV show “Zoey 101” where Austin Butler played a character of James Garett. His most recent role is in the TV show called “Switched at Birth” where he plays a role of James Wilkerson.
When Austin Butler was 13 years old, he quitted school and became home-schooled so that he could concentrate on his career as an actor. Although he concentrated on his career more, he still finished high school and hopes to get into college someday. When he was 13 years old, Austin Butler started to play guitar. Three years later, he started playing piano, as well.
Although he likes music a lot and even writes and records music by himself, Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend Austin Butler is also involved into sports. He enjoys riding bike, playing basketball and spending time in his own gym at home.
Before she got involved with Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens dated her co-star from “High School Musical” Zac Efron. The couple was dating for four years, since 2006 till 2010. They were seen as one of the most good looking couple from the Disney channel. However, although their relationship seemed perfect, the couple broke up although there were no cheating scandals on neither of the parts.

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