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Parker Posey is known as one of the most popular American actress. She became known to the public when she appeared in several films and TV series. These appearances were the reason why she became called ‘Queen of the Indies’ in the cinema industry. In addition, Parker Posey is mostly known to a lot of people as an actress appearing in mocking documentaries by Christopher Guest where she improvises characters.

And the current Parker Posey boyfriend is – Keanu Reeves

Being involved in the acting business also means that she has been dating quite a lot of men from cinema industry, as well. In 2008 it was rumored that Parker Posey boyfriend was actor Keanu Reeves. However, although they were spotted a couple times going out and about together, neither Keanu Reeves nor Parker Posey has ever admitted that they were involved into a romantic relationship.
In 2004, Parker Posey boyfriend was rumored to be Ryan Adams. Ryan Adams is known to be a country and rock music singer. In addition, Parker Posey sung on several tracks of Ryan Adams. Ryan Adams has released seven albums, with one of them called “Gold” receiving gold certification in the United Kingdom. Ryan Adams also worked with a rock band called “The Cardinals” with which he released five albums. However, his and Parker Posey relationship did not last long and the couple broke up in 2005. In 2009 it was reported that Ryan Adams married actress Mandy Moore.
In 1998, Parker Posey was spotted quite a lot of times together with Stuart Townsend, which spread the rumors that he was Parker Posey boyfriend. However, their relationship lasted for only one year. Parker Posey later admitted that the reason for their breaking up was that she did not feel much chemistry when being with him.
Stuart Townsend is known as an actor and film director from Ireland. He is mostly known from movies such as “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” where he played a character of Dorian Gray and “Queen of the Damned” where he got a role of Lestat de Lioncourt. Thus, it seems that Parker Posey has been involved mostly with men who are notable in the cinema or music industries.

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