Taraji P Henson boyfriend

One of Taraji P Henson boyfriends used to be Terrence Howard. Although these were only rumors, the couple was really believed to be an item. Terrence Howard is mostly known as an actor and a singer.

And the current TARAJI P HENSON boyfriend is – Terrence Howard

His debut in the big screen was in 1995 and it was a film called “Mr. Holland’s Opus”. Between the years 2004-2006, the rumored Taraji P Henson boyfriend was on his peak career and had a lot of offers to appear in movies, TV films, series and shows. His appearances in movies which made him even more popular include “Crash”, “Winnie”, “Hustle and Flow”, “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, “The Brave One” and many others. In addition, Terrence Howard appeared in the hit movie “Iron Man” and he also appeared on its computer game version.
In addition to his career as an actor, the rumored Taraji P Henson boyfriend is also a singer. In 2008, Terrence Howard released his first music album called “Shine Through It”.
In addition, when rumors of him getting together with Taraji P Henson started, it created a lot of scandals because he was married for 14 years with Lori McCommas. He has three kids from his marriage with Lori McCommas, son Hunter and daughters Heaven and Aubrey. They divorced in 2003. However, two years after the divorce, they remarried but apparently their marriage was not to be meant since the couple separated again.
In addition, it has been stated that Terrence Howard was really in love with Lori McCommas and wanted to get back with her together again but it failed. After the rumors about him and Taraji P Henson came to an end, he got into a relationship with Michelle Ghent. The ceremony was held in 2010 and it was hidden from the public. However, one year later it was published that Michelle Ghent wanted a divorce. In 2012, Terrence Howard daughter Aubrey gave birth to her first child and he became a grandfather.
Also, in 2009 Taraji P Henson was in a relationship with Lamar Odorn. In addition, there were some rumors going on that he even proposed to Taraji P Henson.

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