Lauren Conrad boyfriend

And the current Lauren Conrad boyfriend is – William Tell

Lauren Conrad seems to have been dating quite a lot of stars. The current Lauren Conrad boyfriend has been reported to be William Tell, but also in the past Lauren Conrad had loving relationships with other stars such as Kyle Howard, Doug Reinhardt, Brody Jenner, Jason Wahler and Stephen Colletti.
Since May of 2012 Lauren Conrad boyfriend has been known to be William Tell who is a law student. Moreover, William Tell used to be involved in the band called “Something Corporate”. In one of the interviews, Lauren Conrad confessed that she will be very happy if she starts a real family life together with William Tell. Also, people are saying that the reality show star and her boyfriend already moved to live together.
Her previous relationships appeared to be very intense with spending a lot of nights in various clubs, however it seems that Lauren Conrad and her current boyfriend prefers a calmer lifestyle. Lauren Conrad stated that it is because she works a lot of weekends and Lauren Conrad boyfriend studies a lot.
The couple started dating since the Valentine’s Day in 2012 and they have been together for a whole year. Lauren Conrad also confessed that now her weekends are being spent shopping for home supplies and food, which implies that she is turning into a real housewife. Moreover, Lauren Conrad stated that she buys clothing for her boyfriend as well, although she really likes his style of dressing which usually involves a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
Moreover, the couple has been together for a relatively long time, but they agree that they take things one at a time and develop their relationship step by step. Thus, Lauren Conrad stated that she wants to have kids but not in a near future. All her friends who had babies in their 30s advised the reality show star to wait for a few years. Although Lauren Conrad is involved in a business which usually disrupts relationships if another person is not familiar with it, Lauren Conrad boyfriend who studies law understands the pressure and it seems that the two of them know how to handle it.

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