Hilary Duff boyfriend

And the current Hilary Duff boyfriend is – Mike Comri

It has been known that Hillary Duff has been in an on and off relationship with Mike Comrie till they finally got married. Therefore, today Mike Comrie is not only Hilary Duff boyfriend but also her husband and her son’s Luca father.
Recently, all the family has been spotted going to a birthday party together. Before that, Hilary Duff was seen together with a pair of other mothers and their babies having a play date in the park. The play date was attended only by the mothers and no fathers, therefore Hilary Duff boyfriend and husband Mike Comrie was absent as well. Thus, another afternoon Hilary Duff decided to spend with her men, her husband and her son.
The family was seen going to a birthday party in California. All the way Hilary Duff was carrying her one year old son Luca on her hip while Mike Comrie was going next to them. Her son was dressed as a little fashion icon with blue slim pants and red trainers. It has been known that Mike Comrie has been a husband of Hillary Duff for two years already. When the happy mother was going in front of him, Mike Comrie was checking if she and his little son were okay.
A source close to the family admitted that Hilary Duff boyfriend and husband is a very loving man and likes to take care of his son and spend time with him. Mike Comrie was carrying his wife’s bad which looked a lot like a bag for baby’s stuff and also carried a box wrapped in a silver paper with a pink ribbon.
Hilary Duff confessed that raising a baby is exhausting and in the end of every day she is feeling very tired. Nevertheless, she is feeling more than happy to have a child together with her husband. In addition, it has been rumored that both Hilary Duff and Hilary Duff boyfriend and husband Mike Comrie are planning to have another baby. Hilary Duff admitted that both of them are excited to have Luca. She also stated that it appears that when babies start to grow, their parents miss the baby phase and decided to have another one, as happened to Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie.

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