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Recently Emmy Rossum was spotted together with Tyler Jacob Moore, who is the newest Emmy Rossum boyfriend, in the Lakers game. However, the couple was more preoccupied with each other than watching the game which usually happens when star coupels come to see games. Emmy Rossum is known as a very successful actress. Her newest movie in which she appears is called “Beautiful Creatures” where she plays a role of villainous enchanter. However, she still has time to spend with her boyfriend and this time it was joining him to basketball game.

And the current Emmy Rossum boyfriend is – Tyler Jacob Moore

The game took place in Los Angeles where Lakers played against Chicago Bulls. During the game, Emmy Rossum was seen kissing and hugging Tyler Jacob Moore, who is the recent Emmy Rossum boyfriend, thus all his attention was paid not to the game but to his girlfriend playing with him.
Emmy Rossum seemed more than happy to be with him and did not care about the game at all. While watching the game, the couple was laughing all the time with Emmy Rossum’s hand wrapped around Tyler Jacob Moore’s neck. At one point Emmy Rossum who is known as not only an actress but also a singer could not handle her emotions in public and kissed her boyfriend right onto his lips. Tyler Jacob Moore did not feel uncomfortable with that at all and kissed his girlfriend back without even caring that a lot of eyes are watching them.

Emmy Rossum was dressed in a white dress, denim jacket and blue sports shoes while Emmy Rossum boyfriend wore a gray t-shirt with V-neck and jeans. The couple looked eye catching with one of them being blonde with blue eyes and another one being dark-eyed brunette. The couple has been together since 2011 and they still appear to be in love a lot.

Before coming to the stadium where the game took place, Emmy Rossum was seen having fun with her boyfriend in a queue while laughing and giggling with Tyler Jacob Moore. Together with Tyler Jacob Moore, the actress was costars in “Shameless”. Thus, with both of them being involved into entertainment industry, it is obvious that they can find time for each other not that often, but when they do, they enjoy it to the fullest.

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