Emma Stone boyfriend

And the current Emma Stone boyfriend is – Andrew Garfield

One of the most famous actresses Emma Stone boyfriend of today is Andrew Garfield. The couple stars together in the upcoming movie called “The Amazing Spider Man” which is expected to be a huge hit on an international scale. In fact, the actress and her boyfriend are one of the hottest couples of today.
Also, there were some rumors that Andrew Garfield started to get jealous because of the affection another actor Ryan Gosling is showing to his girlfriend. Emma Stone appeared together with Ryan Gosling in the hit movie “Crazy Stupid Love” and they are also being filmed in the movie entitled “Gangster Squad”. Thus, there are quite a lot of reasons why the current Emma Stone boyfriend should get jealous.
However, in an interview for the “Teen Vogue” magazine Andrew Garfield made a confession that he is in love with Ryan Gosling’s acting abilities and actually is one of his fans. Moreover, Andrew Garfield even made a joke that he is more attracted to Ryan Gosling than any teenage girl. In addition, Andrew Garfield had once acting together with Ryan Gosling. Together they appeared on a screen test and in fact Emma Stone boyfriend was impressed by the acting abilities of Ryan Gosling. To Andrew Garfield, Ryan Gosling appeared so professionally in the screen test that he even compared him to Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. Moreover, he confessed that at that time he wanted to become as good an actor as Ryan Gosling was.
However, from Emma Stone’s side, she said that her boyfriend is more than pleasurable to work with. In fact, Andrew Garfield was one of the most important reasons why Emma Stone agreed to act a love interest of the main character in the movie “The Amazing Spider Man”. Emma Stone admitted that working with her current boyfriend is one of the happiest times in her life because Andrew Garfield is really professional at what he does.
Moreover, when Andrew Garfield was appearing on screen test, he claimed that when Emma Stone walked in a room, he literally woke up because the previous trials seemed really boring for him. Thus, it appears that neither Emma Stone nor Emma Stone boyfriend lacks any good words to say about each other, which strengthens their relationship even more.

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