Ellen Barkin boyfriend

And the current Ellen Barkin boyfriend is – Sam Levinson

One of the most shocking and most discussed couples in Hollywood is Ellen Barkin and Ellen Barkin boyfriend Sam Levinson. One of the reasons for that is their age difference. Right now Ellen Barkin is 58 years old while her boyfriend is 27 years old.
In the beginning of summer of 2012 it was reported that Ellen Barkin was moving to live with her boyfriend Sam Levinson. Ellen Barken is known to the public as an actress whose breakthrough role was in the movie called “Diner” which was produced by Barry Levinson. The thing worth mentioning is that Ellen Barkin boyfriend is the son of Barry Levinson. Also, Ellen Barkin has appeared in many more successful movies such as “Ocean’s Thirteen”.
As mentioned before, Ellen Barkin moved her boyfriend Sam Levinson to live with her in her house in Manhattan. Another interesting fact is that Ellen Barkin boyfriend is only five years older than his girlfriend Ellen Barkin’s son. In addition, Ellen Barkin appeared in the film “Diner” in 1982 which was three years before Sam Levinson was born.
Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson where living together for quite a long time already before Ellen Barkin asked him to move to live together with her. The couple seems to not be paying attention to people gossiping and talking about the gap in their age difference. Together they appear to be really happy and it also has been announced that their relationship is getting stronger and stronger. A source which is close to the couple stated that they are not afraid of going out together and being photographed. However, it is strange for the couple’s friends that the relationship is working out very well between them.
Ellen Barkin met Sam Levinson four years ago when he worked in a making of the film called “Operation: Endgame”. During one of her interviews, Ellen Barkin confessed that she would not leave Sam Levinson for any other man in the world. She also confirmed that the relationship is getting into another level. Ellen Barkin has made her Broadway debut last year in the production entitled “The Normal Heart”.

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