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It has been known that Julien Boisselier was a long term Melanie Laurent boyfriend. Julien Boisselier is known as an actor from France, as well as Melanie Laurent, therefore they were involved in the same industry.

And the current Melanie Laurent boyfriend is – Julien Boisselier

In 2013, Melanie Laurent got married and in the same year official announcements were made that Melanie Laurent is expecting her baby who is due to be born in September. Recently, the actress has appeared in an event on the red carpet at Cannes which showed her growing baby bump. The actress was dressed in a long black dress which accentuated her belly. She accessorized her dress with carrying a green clutch.
Melanie Laurent is known as one of those actresses who like to hide their personal lives. Therefore, her romantic relationships are also not published or stated officially and there have been a lot of rumors in the past about Melanie Laurent boyfriends. Melanie Laurent claimed that the baby is going to be born in September, however she did not state the gender of the child.
In addition, the actress admitted that she is not going to have a lot of time to relax during her pregnancy stage because she will have a lot of promoting work of her movie called “An Enemy” in which she appears next to actors Isabella Rossellini and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie is scheduled to be released in August.
What is even more, Melanie Laurent plans to get back to the set after the baby is born. In October, she already has plans to shoot her film “Breathe”, thus it seems as if she will not have a lot of time to enjoy being a stay-at-home mother. When asked why she does not stay with her child instead, Melanie Laurent described herself as being hyperactive.
In March of 2013 Melanie Laurent hinted that she was married but did not reveal who became her husband. Thus, a lot of rumors started who Melanie Laurent boyfriend and husband was. It is also known that her boyfriend and husband appeared on the same film crew with the actress. In 2011, there were a lot of talks that Melanie Laurent was involved with Bradley Cooper.

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